London is a coastal city, linked to the ocean via the tidal River Thames. The ocean provides us with our weather, climate and the oxygen for every second breath we take and through the river, Londoners are connected to the ocean every day. Sadly, the river takes a relentless flow of plastic from the city to the ocean where it damages habitats, kills marine life and slowly erodes the health of the ocean as it breaks down over thousands of years. Plastic water bottles are one of the most common items of plastic litter found in the river.

water bottle

#OneLess is a rapidly growing movement of pioneering and progressive individuals, communities, businesses, NGOs and policymakers, collaboratively striving to reduce the amount of single-use plastic water bottles entering the ocean from the city of London.

Together we are championing London’s refill culture by enabling innovative ways to quench the capital’s thirst and reduce our reliance on single-use plastic water bottles. We are fostering a culture where using a refillable water bottle is the social norm and we are working to ensure that the systems and infrastructure are in place across the city to support this behaviour.

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The #OneLess initiative is led by the Zoological Society of London, Forum for the Future, the International Programme on the State of the Ocean and the Thames Estuary Partnership as part of the Marine CoLABoration

Find out more about #OneLess on their website and more about how we developed this experiment here.